Friday, November 23, 2012

How to Bead in a Boat

 It's a beautiful day and you want to bead outside, and the lake looks sooooo inviting, and your husband wants you to keep him company while he goes fishing, so what do you do?  You pack up your supplies and bead in the boat.  Please note, this blog is specific to a "boat," and not the more generic "watercraft" which would include kayaks and jet skis. All watercraft are not suitable for beading.  It is helpful to have a wide and deep hull to position yourself away from wave action, spray and flying lures. (please see photo) Having a pet in the boat adds yet another dimension to the experience.  A portable, closable bead tray that holds a beading surface and all of your materials is indispensable, and these can be found in Staples or Office Max, albiet they are not sold as "portable beading trays."
Beading in a boat gets interesting when other boats come by to see what you are doing.  One noteworthy experience occurred on Segabo Lake a year or two ago when we were drifting with the wind; my husband was fishing and the dog was watching every cast.  I was sitting on a lawn chair beading when a Fish Commission boat came along side and the conversation went something like this:
“Please confine your dog, we want to inspect your boat; I am Officer Heft, and this is Officer Miller, and…what are you doing?”
“I’m beading.”
“Beating what?”
“No, beading.”
“What’s that?”
“Well, I’m sewing beads together to make a piece of jewelry.”
Looking confused, “uh huh…, what’s the shiny stuff in the little vials?”
“That’s my stash of beads and SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS."
Looking really interested now, “is that some kinda euphemism?”
“No, here take a look,” handing over a bottle of crystals.
“Would ya look at that?  And you can actually see these?”
“I’m fortunate to have good close vision”
"What do you make with these things?"
Showing a current project, "bracelets, ornaments, all kinds of sparkly things. I also teach lessons; maybe your wife would like to learn how to bead?'
"Does she have to do it in the boat?"
"Oh no; usually I'm in the house, or on the deck when I'm beading."
"How much does all that stuff cost?"
Husband - "you don't want to know, but not much more than my fishing gear. And she can sell her products."
Diane - "Here is my card, have her give me a call and we can get together to discuss beading."
"Thanks and you folks have a safe day on the water."

Watch for future blogs - How to Bead in the Truck, How To Bead in A Canoe, and How to Bead on An All-Terrain Vehicle.
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